Why the BVI?

BVI_Beach_200x150Good question… Here are my Top 10 reasons:

1. Always warm - Even too warm in the summer if you don’t have A/C which most sailboats don’t. It’s not the daytime temps but it just doesn’t cool down at night.

2. 5nm-9nm between most islands – So you sail everywhere even if it takes you twice as long to get there.

3. Reliable NE winds at 10kts-15kts and reasonably protected. Right down the Drake Channel.

4. Simple navigation – Easy, visual and deep. Until it’s not, then it’s hard…

5. They speak English and take US$.

6. If you go off-peak the charter rates are very reasonable.

7. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Warm, clear waters…

8. Choices… Beer is expensive, rum is cheap. Suddenly Painkillers become the go-to beverage. The tourist page lists all the AA meetups.

9. Cheaper than therapy…

10. Incriminating pictures for Facebook.

Join us on our next BVI trip to add to your sailing experience and find out for yourself!


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