Deliver your sailboat

SPOT Track

SPOT Track

We welcome the opportunity to move your sailboat to where you want it. Also, we welcome the owners to come along for the trip. This provides and opportunity to gain experience, familiarity with their sailboat and reduces the costs for crew.

We have extensive sailing experience throughout the North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Our pricing is based on the estimated time the transit will take. Additional costs are incurred for delays in weather, mechanical breakdown or waiting for owners.

Many times we are able to get our students as crew to provide them great experience and help lower the cost to owners.

At the conclusion of the delivery we provide an accounting for the funds with receipts and an Excel spreadsheet. In addition a "Captain's Survey" is also provided detailing any observations and recommendations gathered from the trip. 


We have the following equipment aboard for safety and communication:

  • SPOT Satellite Transponder to provide position updates
  • EPIRBs for each crew member
  • Satellite telephone for necessary voice and data contact if offshore
  • ATT Internet within cellular range
  • Handheld VHF transceivers for each crew member
  • Backup moving map GPS receiver