This video was produced by one of our sailors, Shaun Allen, while at dock the evening of his ASA 104 cruise. Amazing!


Fun, Learning and Safety!


We know that everyone requires all three to grasp the sailing fundamentals and want to come back for more.


We wish you well in your search for finding the training best for you. We are experienced sailors and ASA Outstanding Instructors who know how to tune in to each sailor's individual learning style. All of our instructors have taught previously in other areas than keelboat sailing. Many instructors and instructor evaluators firmly believe that a good instructor should be able to teach couples, families and children effectively. So we teach everyone who will sail together to be a team, together on the sailboat, not separately.

Our sailboats are well maintained and equipped with safety and navigation equipment well in excess of the requirements. Our Hunter 295s have depth sounders, DSC/AIS equipped VHFs and moving map GPS chartplotters. PFD use is mandatory dockside and on the water. We utilize checklists to assure that nothing important is overlooked just like with the airlines. All our sailboats have towing arrangements so that we and our sailors don't have to press a bad situation because of the worry of the cost of assistance.

Let us show you how easy, fun and safe it is to improve your sailing skills.



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