Hunter 23.5

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  • H235
  • H235Julia300x225
  • H235Bow350x225

Charter RatesHunter 23.5
$ 195
2 days
$ 345
3 days
$ 495
4 days
$ 635
5 days
$ 775
$ 895


Our Hunter 23.5s are our "basic trainer" sailboat. The smaller sails, rigging and loads make the H23.5 easy to learn and sail. Sailing professionals agree that all sailors should learn on small sailboats. The larger the sailboat the more stable, which feels like "driving a bus". The tiller provides instant response to inputs so you can understand weather helm and wind forces.

  • Easy to steer with a tiller
  • Large cockpit for comfort
  • Less than 2 foot draft with pivoting centerboard allows stepping off into knee-deep water
  • All lines lead to the cockpit for easy sail handling
  • Swim transom with ladder for easy on and off for swimming
  • Portable VHF radio
  • 4 cycle outboard for quiet, efficient power when the wind dies down


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