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Why the BVI?

BVI_Beach_200x150Good question… Here are my Top 10 reasons: 1. Always warm - Even too warm in the summer if you don’t have A/C which most sailboats don’t. It’s not the daytime temps but it just doesn’t cool down at...
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The safety equipment you can’t afford not to carry.

NFL_Boat_200x150Nobody wants to think about the dark side of sailing... When things go wrong...  Of course we have a sound boat, good weather forecast, great crew and a fun itinerary. Let's cover the basic equipment that will minimize your chance of being "lost at...
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Flying together with your inflatable PDF

PFD_200x150OK...  You're planning your sailing adventure but feel naked without your trusty PFD. I do. My Type V PFD is comfortable, auto inflating, strobed, has a built-in harness with a McMurdo FastFind PLB tethered in the pocket.  Why leave it at home? Well, it...
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